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NOTO [MEGA] - Yellow Gold



The VOSSO NOTO Mega shark tooth pendant is Vosso's forefront standing product. Discovered, prepared and restored in preparation for 3D render and printing before finally cast in a variety of precious metals. The NOTO line has been executed to a standard that meets all expectations of the extraordinary and exquisite Notorynchus Cepedianus shark tooth dating up to 70,000,000 years.

Now cast from an original 'Notorynchus Cepedianus' shark tooth, once known to the heart of ancient and vast oceans, now known as the Northern Sahara Desert. Inspired by all that is palaeontological, VOSSO continues to set out and create transcending pieces that connects our present to a lost time. Now the Notorynchus Cepedianus is reborn for all to endure a piece of history in beautiful form, whether adding to a collection or gifting a loved one, we're sure you'll love this one of a kind attire!


10K   -   Yellow Gold | White Gold
18K   -   Yellow Gold | White Gold
24K   -   Yellow Gold | White Gold   [LTD Edition]

Genus: Cast from an authentic Notorynchus Cepedianus  |  Prehistoric Shark Tooth
Age: Notorynchus dates Palaeocene | 70,000,000 - 50,000,000 years.

NOTO Parvus   |   Small
NOTO Mega     |   Large
Chain:  32 cm   |   Long
Pendant:  2.8 cm

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