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Product Design

To A Precision


If you like our products and need something built to a specification for your show-stopping space, you have come to the right place. 

Vosso is moving forward quickly with the ability to hone in on custom requirements. For more information on the following, please write to us and we shall respond within  24hours. simply write to

Each piece is designed to fit your unit space. Whether angled, horizontal, vertical, ceiling mounted or floor installed - we cater all:


Product Placement - Standing | Bracketed | Encased; Unified Unit Designs


  • Horizontal walled 5 piece unified design - single unit
  • Vertical walled 5 piece unified design - single unit
  • Corner walled 5 piece unified design - single unit
  • Ceiling 5 piece unified design - single unit
  • Floor 5 piece unified design - single unit


On request


  • Custom text lasered on to unit
  • Custom text lasered on to plate | Plate attachment to unit
  • Engineered feet | Stubs | Caps | Bars
  • Unit finish: Brushed | Polished | Black Steel




  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass | Available for pieces under 30KG
  • Aluminium | Available for pieces under 5KG




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