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'Innovation requires risk + we believe in both'


Combining the elements with time Vosso crafts through an aesthetic lens, focusing on the foundations of modularity and all that is palaeontological. Manipulating perceptions of the elements + structure is a signature that allows Vosso to craft purpose designed interior-styled statements for show-stopping spaces - innovation requires risk + we believe in both


Benjamin Allison researching his next project for Vosso

B E N J A M I N   A L L I S O N


Founder | Director

In 92' - I found myself at the foot of the North African, Atlas Mountain range. The land was archaically silent and peacefully bound by the laws of time which possessed a palaeontological ethos that had settled throughout the landscape over the millennia's and all I had to do, was explore!

Atlas mountain range with mist running through the mountains


Innovation meets the palaeontological, bounded by versatility - bridging the gap between traditional and modern, we streamline the visual elements whilst including only what is necessary. All our selections are designed in concept before we execute our preparation process to preserve each piece to the best of our ability and in turn, preserving rare artefacts, resulting in highest quality products and the protection against transitional defects.

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