Hello 2022

The clash of traditional and modern interiors dictating the aesthetic and anatomical everything for the world of interiors. Traditionally, ‘The World Of Interiors’ is synonymous with contradicting styles throughout the ever-changing interior sectors on a global scale, however, more recently, with the burgeoning world minimal and classic boutique through the high street lines, VOSSO® is now understood for its contemporary-palaeontological rawness in its state of minimal meets the historic. Britains interiors are more important than ever. VOSSO® looks forward to seeing what the next guard of British decor has in store for us as we continue to delve into the unknown, which is where we find the beauty in all of our designs, from preparation to accent style. All VOSSO® pieces, designs and productions have to do, is meet the VOSSO® aesthetic lens.

For the contemporary creative, fresh from the studio workshop: ones to watch, and how to work the interior into the look you’ve got.

The Prep-Creative (Benjamin Allison)

Benjamin Allison built the brand with a strong focus on the established World Of Interiors with a suave design, highlighting “a Palaeontological aesthetic and creating contemporary statements that can be displayed for lifetimes.” This year, creative artist, Benjamin Allison brought the Vosso LMTD Editions with fashion culture for the Palaeo-edit ‘Notorynchus Cepedianus' necklaces V/London Pre-2018 collection.