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Behind The Scenes

Inspired by an influence of cultures in 92', I found myself looking upon the North African Atlas Mountain Range. Archaic and peacefully bound to the laws of time with a palaeontological ethos that settled throughout the landscape. All I had to do, was explore" - 'Benjamin Allison'

- all I had to do, was explore

Introducing VOSSO®


Palaeontological discoveries are more than just elements - with a mindful desire VOSSO® transforms authentic natural art into its truest and purest form


 - a symbol of transcendence and exploration

VOSSO® intricately prepares and designs each discovery to attain absolute true and pure form

Born out of the idea that the palaeontological should exist in the modern world


Dating 65,000,000+ years.

OPAL | Cleoniceras Ammonites


Ammonoids are a group of extinct marine mollusc animals in the subclass Ammonoidea of the class Cephalopoda. These molluscs, commonly referred to as Ammonites, are more closely related to living coleoids than they are to shelled nautiloids such as the living Nautilus species.

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