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Behind The Scenes


VOSSO    |    Founder + Director
THE FOSSIL STORE    |    Director



"Inspired by an influence of cultures in 92', I found myself looking upon the North African Atlas Mountain Range. Archaic and peacefully bound to the laws of time with a palaeontological ethos that settled throughout the landscape. All I had to do, was explore." - 'Benjamin Allison'

An ethos of direct intention, aesthetics + appreciation for the right execution.


Benjamin Allison behind the scenes


The Foundations.

VOSSO is a vision that to create beauty for lifetimes, requires minimal design and thoughtful placement between the meeting lines that bridge a single model into being. Throughout such a process it is necessary to execute each stage through an aesthetic lens, accompanied by appreciation for the moleculars and origins of an element. With a mindful design process we are able to execute lineament lines that complement not only each other, but anything in that space today and in the future. Nothing is overlooked, a duty to provide quality assured, authentic and aesthetic VOSSO products which not only hold an investment, but transcend the appreciation for they visual.


VOSSO products are built to be admired, to be appreciated for what they are, whilst adorning the elements which all VOSSO products are presented therein, from floor, desk, and wall placement displays. The key to what makes VOSSO products stand out from the rest, a company that transcends art in its truest form.


This allows us to create pieces of any shape and size, in any form considered through an aesthetic lens. Focusing on the foundations of modularity whilst creating purpose designed products, VOSSO is able to create beautiful and considerate, timeless pieces. These defining details separate VOSSO from the rest, enabling redirection of perceptions that change the design scope to any and all elements - a structure that is a VOSSO signature.


Aesthetic Lens

Born out of the idea that supremely elevated designs should exist in a modern world. VOSSO intricately prepares and ethereally designs each piece whilst only using quality materials + design processes.



Our in-house creations + expert preservation allows VOSSO to attain quality results. With an ethos that visual dynamics and authentic materials are the core components that help shape the influences within each process. Creating products that are built to withstand the test of time. We begin with two concepts; elements vs design to build VOSSO. Using quality materials combined with our in-house designs result in the protection against transitional defects throughout such processes from concept to execution.



Innovation requires risk + we believe in both. Combining the elements with time, Vosso crafts and focuses on the foundations of modularity from the elements + structures for purpose designed styled products that hold beauty throughout a single model.

Bounded to versatility bridges the gap between traditional and modern, we streamline visual elements whilst including only what is necessary. All our selections are designed in concept before we execute any production processes to help preserve each piece to the best of our ability and in turn, preserving rare + quality assured products. We are VOSSO.

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