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Behind The Scenes

BENJAMIN ALLISON | Founder - Director | Est 2000

Designing statement pieces for through an aesthetic lens for show-stopping spaces.

VOSSO was born out of the idea that supremely elevated fossils should exist in a modern world. Each piece is intricately prepared and ethereally designed using only the best materials throughout our process.

- Inspired by an influence of cultures in 1992, I found myself looking upon the North African Atlas Mountain range, archaically silent and peacefully bound to the laws of time with a palaeontological ethos that settled throughout the landscape - all I had to do, was explore - 'Benjamin Allison'

Quality; result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction + skilful execution - a wise choice of many alternatives.

Benjamin Allison behind the scenes


Having worked the better part of my life within the family business and to date as a freelance manager purely set out to continue to help market and manage The Fossil Store into the 21st century, I decided to bring VOSSO to life in late 2013.

Now directing The Fossil Store into a better future, and with Osmena, a jewellery business I set up in 2007, I had all the knowledge and experience required and at my disposal. Osmena helped me to gauge the constrictions within not only the jewellery industry, but the dynamics of what it takes to run any business in the United kingdom, if not globally. Osmena was really the forefront to my successes, now she rests as I turn to VOSSO, a new and improved specialist company dedicated to curating wonders and set procured pieces for and with select clients around the world. If it wasn't for the struggles over the last 20 years, I would not be where I am today, nor VOSSO.

Innovation requires risk + we believe in both - combining the elements with time we craft through an aesthetic lens, focusing on the foundations of modularity and 'palaeo-types', creating purpose designed decor + essentials. Our defining details are propounded by distinctly constructed designs throughout our process.

- Manipulating perceptions of material and structure is our signature. I believe palaeontological statements should exist in the modern world - 'Benjamin Allison'


The VOSSO ethos is that visual dynamics and authentic creations are core components that shape the appreciation for influences within accented designs. Creating products that are built to withstand the test of time. We begin with the concept; element vs aesthetic. Using high quality materials available, combined with in-house fabrications that result in the protection against transitional defects throughout our processes from concept to execution.


Combining the elements with time Vosso crafts through an aesthetic lens, focusing on the foundations of modularity and all that is palaeontological. Manipulating perceptions of the elements + structure is a signature that allows Vosso to craft purpose designed interior-styled statements for show-stopping spaces - innovation requires risk + we believe in both.

Innovation meets the palaeontological, bounded by versatility - bridging the gap between traditional and modern, we streamline the visual elements whilst including only what is necessary. All our selections are designed in concept before we execute our preparation process to preserve each piece to the best of our ability and in turn, preserving rare artefacts, resulting in highest quality products and the protection against transitional defects.

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