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Testimonials ≈



Thanks for your advice and supplying the wonderful fossils, our clients are engaged as we are delighted with them.




Royal Gardens

It's a wonder to see such majestic curiosities, and from a past we can only imagine! Timeless and wonderful, thank you. 





It is always a pleasure working with Benjamin. The quality of both products and service are 2nd to none... a true gem!




TG Studio

It looks amazing - we will install the piece we bought from you in the next 2-3 weeks - looks absolutely amazing!




Atlantic Productions

A huge success as a gift for David Attenborough - it bodes well that he is so keen to keep it in good shape.




The British Museum Company 

All received and working through the order, thanks!




Terence Disdale

I love your pieces and wish to use more in our designs.




Natural History Museum

Dr Angela Milner \ Associate Keeper of the Department of Palaeontology NHM

Thank you so much for donating the Spinosaurid partial jaw bones to the NHM collection, will help greatly with our research of Baryonyx.