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V® Ecologi

At VOSSO® we appreciate our planets treasures above the ground as much as below - this is why we make a conscious effort to recover more than our own carbon footprint by providing sustainable eco-friendly packaging through to marketing products. Let's befriend our planet that keeps providing. 

A Climate Positive Ethos - for each product sold, VOSSO® plants one tree whilst providing more support in the background.

Let's Be CO₂ Responsible!

To recover more than our own carbon footprint used throughout our resources VOSSO® plants a ONE tree for each item ordered in both our physical + online shop.

This positively impacts against VOSSO® resources used from excavations to fabrication processes, stand fabrication, packaging materials and transportation of our goods from import-export, straight to your door. 'Ecologi' perfectly resonates with our ethos and we couldn't be prouder to be apart of Ecologi's movement.

Ecologi are funding 1 tree every 2 seconds! 01.01.'22

With 365k+ tco2e avoided  | Certified to the highest standards | Equivalent to 189,000 flights from London to LA.





ONE product

= ONE tree

+ VOSSO® | providing funding behind the scenes

We continue to provide more help behind the scenes and from time to time we'll raise awareness about the importance of planting trees in store, whilst promoting other eco-friendly methods that are available to help combat the revival of our trees to help create an equilibrium for our planet.


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We plant trees with Ecologi