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Wyre Rivers Trust

Protecting the future of the white-clawed crayfish

For every print, VOSSO® donates 10% to help fund projects to protect our native crustaceans and other river life in the Wyre, the doorstep of VOSSO®. Our Wyre River is the only River in England that doesn't run through other counties, So all VOSSO® funding goes directly to the Wrye Rivers Trust and dedicated to our white crawled crayfish and native fish, and this is great news for our little river dwellers!

10% helps save our native white-clawed crayfish

10% of the BRWA Trilobite print series funds local British Trusts to preserve our native white-clawed crayfish and other fish stocks; The non-native Signal crayfish carry the deadly crayfish plague which is killing native white-clawed crayfish. The signal crayfish also prey on native crayfish, out-compete them for food and habitat and can wipe out native fish stocks. They now occupy 80 percent of rivers in England and Wales and will devastate North West rivers if we do nothing.

If you wish to help donate further, please write to us at