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V® Licensed GARwall©

The details

A history of inspiration lies within this floating oceanic GARwall© design tracing its roots back millions of years. Each tile serves as a testament to the untamed beauty that hosts both the Knightia and Gar genus types, two native inhabitants of the tropical riverbeds from which they were carefully procured and accentuated into 8 inch tiles to form our microcosm of natural artistry.

GARwall© timeline

Lead times vary based on excavation and discovery rate
V® GARwall© CAD (Computer-aided Design): 1-4 days
V® GARwall© | Excavation + Preparation: 1-4+ months

GARwall© expert assurance

Professional CAD processing
Professional excavation processes
Professional preparation detailing
Tile order assigned to CAD illustration
Lifetime authenticity certificate guarantee
Incl. Tax and free worldwide delivery
Excl. Custom duty tax

9M² Minimum Acquisition

Tile: 8x8” \ Avg. thickness: 13mm \ KG: 0.500

9M² [ 3 x 3M ] 225 tiles
12M² [ 4 x 3M ] 300 tiles
15M² [ 5 x 3M ] 375 tiles
18M² [ 6 x 3M ] 450 tiles
21M² [ 7 x 3M ] 525 tiles
24M² [ 8 x 3M ] 600 tiles
27M² [ 9 x 3M ] 675 tiles
30M² [ 10 x 3M ] 750 tiles


Age: Eocene, 56,000,000 - 33.900,000 years
Origin: Rocky Mountains, Green River, Wyoming, USA
CAD displayed: 9M² [ 3 x 3M ] 225 tiles \ licensed on order

Gar fish fossil wall design

To access the GARwall© please write to and provide your commercial information; name, location, estimated expense and M2 wall plan.

Please note; GARwall© starts at 9M2+

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