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CITES Rules + Regulations

Import / Export Requirement

Trades involving Natural Heritage (natural sites, biological and formations) are governed by a number of national, and international regulations. CITES is in place to protect endangered species, whereas fossils are extinct and not in need of protection, however certain countries wish to keep their heritage and therefor deem certain fossil specimens illegal for importation and exportation.

Buyers as well as sellers are expected to take all reasonable steps to guarantee the lawfulness of what they buy and sell, to avoid contravening the 1970 UNESCO Convention.

VOSSO® experts select each item to be listed, this ensures positive verification of each specimen and its provenance, to ensure compliant and legal trade.

International Law

VOSSO® does not export fossils from the following highly restricted and governed countries; (including rare fossil deemed illegal by authorities in other countries that are not listed below)

China, Brazil, Russia, Lebanon, Chile, South Africa + Mongolia.

(as a rule we do not acquire fossils from South America + Asia)

Import / Export Law - Fossils >

The CITES rules and regulations are subject to regular changes + updates. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you research the lawfulness of the fossil that you wish to ascertain from any reputable fossil retailer. The following links below provide all the information you might need:

EU CITES Regulations
For the EU Internal Regulations ref. CITES Annexes B, C and D; page 16:

EU Internal Regulations >

Selling endangered Species if applicable - rules and regulations may be subject to change and why we have provided this link:

Rules + Regulations on Endangered Species >

Form application for a certificate to use a CITES-listed specimen if required by law:

Certificate for CITES-Listed Specimen >

Article 10 Certificate
For an English Language application for an Article 10 Certificate, go to: 

Article 10 - Certificate Application >

CITES list + updates
CITES listed species; consult Latin named species:

CITES Listed Species >

CITES Species Checklist >

CITES updates and species-listings:

CITES Email Updates >

EU CITES Authorities
For the list of current CITES Authorities within the EU, go to:

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species >

Environment - LIFE Projects by Theme >

International Law; Import / Export - Sale of Fossils
The Association of Applied Paleontological Science offers a reference of International Fossil Laws for Academic and Independent Palaeontologists, and collectors.

The Journal of Palaeontological Sciences >

UNESCO 1970 - Illicit Import, Export + Transfer
Evaluation of UNESCO’s Standard-setting Work of the Culture Sector:

Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership >

Accredited Authorised Appraisers
For information on Authorised Appraisers within a particular EU Member State, check with your local Governments and accredited Museums.