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Ultra Rare Megalodon Shark Tooth. 4.44" [A* Grade]

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A wonderful 100% authentic Megalodon too presented on a custom-designed bronze stand to further promote this specimen which belongs in the top 2% of best Megalodon teeth in the world.

A genuine article with no restoration. A visually stunning and aesthetic collector's item with beautiful mottle-blue palettes that are encaptured throughout the enamel that is still intact within. The serrations to both distal and mesial crown edges are 100% complete. This truly is an exceptional Megalodon tooth with its combined bourlette root.

Truly the best of the best of Megalodon discoveries globally. A truly perfect addition to any collectors cabinet. A true investment piece that will continue to earn. Wit’s fine serrations that are close together dictate this tooth is from a modern Megalodon, determining this specimen to be between 1.5-6,000,000 years.


100% A* Grade Specimen
100% Complete
100% Authentic
0% Restoration

Genus. Carcharodon / Carcharocles.
Family; Lamnidae / Otodontidae (Lamniformes).
Origin. Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA.
Age. Cenozoic era, approximately 28-1.5,000,000 years.

L: 11.3 CM  |  4.4"
W: 8.8 CM
D: 2.3 CM
KG: 0.135

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