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Innovative techniques within our product development enables us to create form-forward pieces allowing us to exceed our standards + create a unique visual balance throughout our collection. We are always looking for the next element to add to our collection.
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Defining details are propounded by distinctly constructed designs - our selections are personally honed allowing us to exceed all expectations. In turn, executing the highest quality products which stand lifetimes.



With an independent design studio influenced by the unrivalled eccentricity of Englands creative communities. Our designs are built to withstand the unpredictable nature of interior and fashion environments. 'Everything-Style' is our approach where innovation meets palaeontological versatility, bridging the gap between traditional and modern whilst streamlining the elements, including only what is necessary whilst forgeting the rest.
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Design meets palaeontology - Vision is the fabrication to Vosso's success. In a landscape divided by the unattainable and the unknown, Vosso sets out to create products that considers both form and visual, always looking for the next element to adopt, priding ourselves in product delivery with our in-house creations lasting lifetimes. All our creations are honed with the application of the Vosso brand - a symbol of transcendence and exploration.
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Designed through an aesthetic lens - focusing on the foundations of modularity, element and palaeo-types, we create purpose designed products built for the visual.


We pride ourselves in product delivery, with our in-house fabrications inspired by the elements and designed for life, each piece is finished with the application of the VOSSO brand - A symbol of transcendence and exploration.